Registering a domain using domain registration control panel

This article explains how a reseller can register a domain for themselves.  The first thing to cover is that all domains need to be associated with a customer level account, so if you don’t have your own customer account you’ll need to create one.


Now that we’ve got a customer account for ourselves we can get started on registering the domain.  First log into your Reseller account and on the first page that comes up you’ll see a section in the lower left of the page for “Add New Order”, set the drop-down menu to “Domain Registration” and click the box with the arrows.



This will bring up a new window, this window is your SuperSite where you customers will go to register domains.  On this page you are going to see the prices that you have set for your Customer account clients.  When you register the domains from here your reseller account will be billed the normal reseller cost.  On this page you should see that you are logged in as the reseller in the upper left of your page.



Lower on the page in the main body you’ll see that you can enter the domain that you want to register. Enter the domain or domains and then click the green “Search for Domains Name(s)” button.  At that point the system will check to make sure the domain is available.  If the domain is available then it will have a checkbox for the domain you requested and show you other available domains similar to the one you’re getting.  (if the domain is not available you’ll need to search for a different domain)  Scroll down a bit and click the green “Add To Cart” button.



On this new page you will be asked for the username of the account that you want to put this domain in.  So you’ll need to enter the username (email address) for the customer account you’ve created.  Then click the green “Login Now” button.


**When the page is done loading note that you are still logged in as the reseller


On this page you can enter the number of years that you want to register the domain (if you are registering more than 1 domain you’ll have options for each).  Now click the green “Continue” button.  This should take you to a summary page for your purchase showing all the domains that you are going to register and the total.  Check the box to agree to the no spam policy and then click the green “Proceed to Payment” button.



Now on this page you will see the “Payment Options” only you will have the option to “Execute Without Payment” because you are logged in as the reseller.  So you will need to choose the option that you want.  In this case (because you are registering the domain for yourself) you will use the option to “Execute the request(s), but cancel the Invoice(s).”.  This way the customer level account will not have to pay the reseller account for the domain/domains.  If you were registering domains for a customer that is going to pay you at a later time for the domains you would use the “Execute the request(s), but keep the Invoice(s) as it is.” option.  Once you’ve selected the option you want click the green “Execute the above Requests without receiving a Payment” button.



You should then see a summary of the orders that you just processed in the example here we only registered one domain so it only shows that 1 domain.



The domain or domains are registered now and you can go back to your reseller control panel and see the domains listed in your account.  The easiest way to see the domain is click on “Products” >> “List All Orders” and you’ll see the domain in that list.



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